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Karin Scheibel CAADC 

Experienced Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor (CAADC), highly skilled in providing counseling treatment for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders -- proactive and disciplined with a commitment to the delivery of effective and compassionate service 

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“Ms. Scheibel demonstrates an in depth knowledge of evidence-based practices that consider the biological, social, and psychological aspects of co-occurring disorders. Her clinical decision making always takes into account and respects individual differences, experiences, and provides realistic treatment objectives based on the clients strengths and self identified goals.

Carolyn Zugschwert, LPC 

“Karin Scheibel has particularly two abilities s in rare form--genuine analytical brilliance and empathy. The latter is part of what makes her social and psychological analysis so capable and incisive.I have never met anyone with  Karin's illuminating consideration of
others; lived realities. 

James Moyer, PhD

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